Effects of the START accord in 2021 on Pakistan’s nuclear programme

START accord in 2021

There is no explicit “START accord” that directly relates to Pakistan’s nuclear programme as of my understanding cutoff in September 2021. However, it’s conceivable that you’re referring to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), a pact signed by the US and Russia bilaterally. The goal of this agreement is to lessen and regulate the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons by both parties.

While START primarily focuses on the United governments and Russia, other nuclear-armed governments, such as Pakistan, are also indirectly impacted by its provisions. The treaty encourages efforts at non-proliferation and arms control, which may have a wider effect on the dynamics of nuclear weapons around the world. The following explanations will help you understand the broad impacts of START or any other arms control treaty on Pakistan’s nuclear programmed:

Security issues: Arms control agreements between major nuclear countries can improve global security conditions. The danger of unintentional or inadvertent use is reduced by lowering the quantity of deployed strategic nuclear weapons. Through lowering the possibility of a nuclear war or an arms race, this stability indirectly influences Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

START and similar agreements have an impact on non-proliferation efforts because they show a commitment to disarmament and lower the overall stockpile of nuclear weapons. This might encourage Pakistan to participate in non-proliferation efforts and abide by international norms by changing how it views the international community’s position on nuclear weapons.

Impact on the region: Pakistan’s nuclear programme is significantly shaped by regional circumstances. The impact of START on other nations, like India, may have an indirect impact on Pakistan’s nuclear posture. It may help to ease tensions and lessen the perceived need for nuclear weapons if START or other arms control accords provide a more safe and stable environment in the region.

Noting that you were referring to the START accord, it’s vital to understand that these consequences are generalizations. Please supply more information if you had another specific agreement or accord in mind, though, so that I can respond to you more precisely.

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