political systems- Peritonectomy as well as Presidential. have been in vogue in Pakistan with limited success.

Pakistan political history

It appears that your statement contains some uncertainty. There is no obvious connection between “peritonectomy” and political systems; it is a medical treatment performed to treat some types of abdominal cancer. I can, however, give details on Pakistani political structures that have proved popular.

Since gaining its independence in 1947, Pakistan has been governed by numerous political regimes. A Governor-General served as the ceremonial head of state at first, and the Prime Minister served as the head of government. Up until the first military takeover in 1958, which resulted in the suspension of the constitution and the declaration of martial law, this system was in force.

In 1972, Pakistan returned to parliamentary democracy after years under military control. However, political unrest, instability, and military interventions have frequently tarnished the legislative system. Following a military takeover in 1977, General Zia-ul-Haq established the “Presidential System,” which gave the President broad executive authority. This system was still in use in 2002.

Pakistan returned to a parliamentary system in 2002, with the Prime Minister taking on the role of head of government and the President functioning as the head of state with only limited authority. With the Prime Minister as the major figure, this system tried to achieve a balance of power between the President and the latter.

It is crucial to remember that political systems’ success or failure depends on a variety of variables, including governance, corruption, prevailing economic conditions, and political stability. Pakistan has struggled to sustain stability and good government, which has resulted in periods when both the parliamentary and presidential systems have experienced only little success.

Please be aware that my knowledge threshold for Pakistan’s political scene is September 2021, and that there may have been events or changes since then.

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