Pakistan and turkey bilateral relations history

Pakistan and turkey relations

Since Pakistan’s early years of independence, there have been close bilateral ties between Pakistan and Turkey. Deep historical, cultural, and religious ties between the two nations have served as the cornerstone of a solid and enduring friendship. The background of the bilateral ties between Pakistan and Turkey is as follows:

Initial Years:

Pakistan obtained independence from British domination in 1947, and Turkey officially recognized Pakistan as a sovereign nation two days later, on August 14, 1947.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and Smet Noun, the first prime minister of Turkey, exchanged letters of congratulations and a wish to forge close ties.
Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan’s first prime minister, visited Turkey in 1949, solidifying bilateral relations.

Mutual Assistance

A number of agreements were struck between Pakistan and Turkey to foster collaboration in the areas of trade, defence, education, culture, and tourism.

In order to preserve peace and security in the area, both nations joined the Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO) in 1955.
Construction of roads, dams, and other infrastructure projects were all completed in Pakistan thanks in large part to Turkish businesses.

As more Pakistani students pursue higher education in Turkey, educational and cultural ties between the two nations have grown.
International Affairs Support:

In relation to the Kashmir dispute and other international forums, Turkey has constantly backed Pakistan. Turkey has proclaimed its support for Pakistan’s position on the Kashmir conflict with India.
Pakistan and Turkey have a close working relationship within the Organization of Islamic

Mutual military assistance

Close military ties have existed between Pakistan and Turkey, including defence cooperation, joint military exercises, and training initiatives.
Pakistan has received military technology and equipment from Turkish defence industry, including the delivery of aeroplanes, helicopters, and naval vessels.

Developments recently:

High-level visits and greater cooperation in numerous sectors have helped to strengthen Pakistan and Turkey’s bilateral ties in recent years.
The two nations’ leaders have emphasized the value of improving economic and trade ties, and initiatives have been taken to increase bilateral commerce.
People-to-people interactions and cultural exchanges have remained important in promoting friendship and understanding between the two countries.
In general, Pakistan and Turkey have kept up a solid and helpful connection founded on common principles, shared history, and shared interests.

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